Ancient Living Brahmi & Amla Hair Oil -50ml

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Living Brahmi and Amla hair oil is a potent hair oil processed as per the
ancient method of Taila paka vidhi. It contains Brahmi and Amla infused into
a rich virgin coconut oil . Ayurveda describes Amla as Shriphala and
Amritphala, a fruit which is not only auspicious but also highly nourishing.
Amla is said to be a divaushadi, which is a divine plant. It is considered as
one of the best herbs for hair care because of the high content of natural
Vit C. Natural Coconut oil has a high content of lauric acid which is highly
beneficial for hair.It is said to possess Keshya properties, which means it
promotes healthy hair. Brahmi  is an
Adaptogenic Herb is known to be a Rejuvenator and relaxes the mind. In Ayurveda,
it is recognised as a “Medhya” herb, which promotes focus. Geranium
essential oil strengthens hair by nourishing and toning your scalp resulting
in smooth, silky tresses.

Taila Pak Vidhi – Ancient Living oils are prepared using Taila paka vidhi
which is truly an alchemical process of oil preparation as described in
Ayurveda. Precious fresh herbs are cleansed, dried and finely ground to a
paste using water and boiled in Drava Dravya( milk or water)  to extract a highly potent decoction. This
decoction is added to coconut base oil known as Sneha Dravya and heated
gently over many hours in specially designed containers to allow the moisture
content to evaporate.The process is completed after desired consistency of
appearance, smell is reached also known as roopa, varna, rasothpathi. The
final product is filtered and stored. This process ensures that all the oil
and water soluble compounds of the herbs are fully extracted and carefully
preserved. This process spans over many days and is performed under the
guidance of Ayurvedic experts. 

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