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everteen® Natural Intimate Wash has been designed scientifically to promote body’s natural pH balance and maintain complete feminine intimate hygiene. Trusted for its effective antimicrobial properties and 100% natural active ingredients, everteen® inhibits bacterial growth to give you freedom from day to day infections and unpleasant odor. Daily use of everteen® helps in preventing recurrence of vaginal infections and provides relief from consistent itching or burning in intimate area.


Prevent unpleasant and unnatural odor: Unpleasant or bad smell from vagina can be very embarrassing for you so much so that it may affect your intimacy with your partner. This fishy or foul smell can be frustrating sometime as it may leave you feeling unclean and gross as if everybody can smell it. Vaginal odor can be caused by a host of issues like pH balance disruptions or overgrowth of micro-organisms such as anaerobic bacteria or yeast. everteen Natural Intimate Wash with the cleansing properties of its natural ingredients, prevents unpleasant and unnatural vaginal odors so that you stay fresh and confidently clean all the day.

Protect natural pH balance of vagina: A normal vaginal pH balance of 3.5 to 4.5 is important for maintaining good vaginal hygiene. At this optimum pH level, your vagina contains a balance of necessary bacteria and some yeast cells. If the balance of bacteria is disturbed, this can lead to infection and inflammation resulting into itching, irritation and abnormal discharge. everteen Natural Intimate Wash with the revitalizing properties, helps in maintaining the optimum level of pH balance of your vagina.

Relieve vaginal itching & burning: Itching & irritation in an area as sensitive as vagina can be very uncomfortable & painful and it can affect your quality of life. Vaginal itching occurs when delicate vaginal tissues become sore, dry or itchy that is often caused by irritating substances, vaginal infections, or menopause. everteen Natural Intimate Wash with its anti bacterial and anti fungal properties, helps in preventing the infection and give you relief from consistent itching or burning in vaginal area.

capacity: 105 ml

suitable for: women

sales package: pack of 1[105 ml]


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